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Car Rental with Wifi Internet, now available at Heathrow Airport

Having access to a reliable Internet connection while on the go can be an expensive and headache-inducing endeavour, especially when traveling abroad We hope we can cut those costs in the UK. Roaming fees and hotel Wi-Fi charges can add unnecessary costs to your trip and searching for a hotspot can be time consuming. 

We are excited to announce that Car Hire UK will be offering Mobile powered by TEP Wireless at selected locations throughout the UK in order to provide a mobile, reliable and affordable internet connection that works at all times.

With the Mobile Wi-Fi powered by TEP Wireless, customers can connect up to five devices at one time and save money on expensive international roaming and hotel charges. It’s super easy to use. Simply switch it on, enter the password and connect – no cables, discs or software necessary. Its as easier as done

You can find out more about the Mobile Wi-Fi and reserve yours online. You can also pick one up with your car rental at London Heathrow, London Gatwick, Manchester and Edinburgh airport locations.

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